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Mick Coulas creates 3D skeleton art for Rattlin Jack Performance Apparel

Rattlin Jack’s Digital Marine Art captures the passion of the die-hard fisherman with a unique perspective and unique media. All images are created digitally, some with elements from a 3D program.

About Rattlin Jack: First Mick creates his Digital Marine Art with a wire frame skeleton in a 3D program. Then he maps bone texture on to the 3D wireframe, creates lighting then brings the results into Photoshop. This is where he adds a shredded T-shirt, and casts shadows on to the skeleton. He then outputs a Dye Sublimation transfer which is hot pressed on to a Rattlin Jack™ Performance shirt, which does not interrupt the breathe-ability of the fabric.

A gold miner had 4 teams going to the Bahamas to participate in the Spice Island Bill Fish Tournament, so Mick turned the skeleton into gold instead of bone!

About Rattlin' Jack - Diehard tarpon wire frame by Mick Coulas

Rattlin Jack.

You guessed it – our mission is to go fishin’.

Don’t give up. Fishin’s in our bones.

Our shirts will protect you all day. UPF 50 is the highest rating available, and our apparel wicks away moisture for extra comfort. Fish as long as you want.

UPF 50 Performance Wear

High Quality Killer Graphics
Breathability because they are dye sublimated not silkscreened
Durability – Double stitched shoulder seams.
UPF 50 is the best protection available.

About Mick Coulas Digital Artist

Mick Coulas Digital Illustrator and Fly Fisherman Venice Florida.

Canadian born, Toronto educated Illustrator Mick Coulas hung up his airbrush in 1996 and began Photoshop and 3D modeling. He has executed many realistic composites with retouching for many editorial clients including The Wall Street Journal. Mick also composites and retouches images for advertising or promotion. Among his many talents, his humorous illustration and caricature has been seen in Maxim Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, and recognized by Communication Arts Magazine. Mick now lives and works in Florida and collaborates with his wife Candace Lourdes on designs for Rattlin Jack and Revel4Ever! Apparel.

Our Dye Sublimation production is not like a silkscreen process. The printing dyes the fabric, and never interrupts the breathe-ability of the fabric. Also, the image will never become cracked or peel off.  We try to bring the best quality and thoughtfulness to our apparel.

Mick Coulas Photo-illustrations have been used in advertising, editorial, licensing and social media.  He has a voracious appetite for popular culture especially TV, film, and music.

One of his most fun projects was the Pop-up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns for Melcher Media, – as seen on CNN.

Editorial Clients: Wall Street Journal, DBusiness Magazine, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Time for Kids, Grammy Magazine, Microsoft CPMag, National Association of Realtors Magazine, Business Health Magazine, Scholastic, Country Weekly Magazine, PBI Media, Penthouse, Melcher Media (The Pop-up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns as seen on CNN and The Pop-up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns 2).

Commercial Clients: Pepsi (Pepsi, Pepsi Freeze, Mountain Dew), UDV (Smirnoff, Baileys), Coca-Cola, (Coke, Powerade), Anheuser Busch (Bud Light), Coors (Coors Light), Nestlés, Hostess Frito Lay, Hershey (Reeses), General Foods, Pizza Hut, Pepperidge Farms (Goldfish), Purina (Busy Bone), Bayer, Scott Paper, McCain, Atari, Toshiba, Panasonic, Blockbuster Video, Michelin Tires, US Savings Bonds, US Postal Service, Spin Master, American Plastics Council, Toshiba, CN Tower (Toronto), Radio Shack, Pharmacia (Unidet), Nasonex.

See more about accolades for Mick Coulas.

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  1. Roy Swartz April 20, 2018 at 3:14 am - Reply

    Hey Mick
    It was great tying and talking with you tonight. I love your shirts and after reading your website I’m fascinated to read how they’re made. The club shirt you make for the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers club is excellent, and I’ll be telling a couple of clubs back home in Cape Cod MA about your “wicked awesome” stuff.
    Hooked on Rattlin Jack!

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Welcome To Rattlin Jack!

Fishing Apparel that is as tough as you are. UPF 50, quick drying, moisture wicking, and double stitched. Durable comfort and protection from Rattlin Jack.

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What some folks say:

They are a great company to buy from, I messed up on my order and they went out of their way to fix it 
Mike (NV), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
It arrived as earlier than promised and the fit is perfect. The shirt itself is higher quality than I expected. I can’t wait to go get it wet.
Dennis (FL), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Everything was back is perfectly arrived very promptly and was the exact thing that I ordered perfect size everything thank you very much! Aloha from Maui.
Sam (HI), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Can’t wait to wear it on vacation!! Since being diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer UPF has become a huge concern in my house. This adds a level of protection that sunscreen cannot, especially since we camp all summer and are outside a lot! 
Amy (MI), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
WOW! My boys loved the shirts! The graphics were wonderful and very detailed. They have both asked for more shirts from Rattlin Jack for their birthdays. Daughter-in-law wants one too. We just ordered another one as well. we found our new fishing shirts! Thanks so much.
Matthew (FL), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Finally, a sun mask that fits people with necks bigger than a pencil. The extra width and skirt keep the buff from riding up and uncovering my lower neck. Love this and already ordered a second. Let me know if the new ones come out!
David (FL), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Sure wish Rattlin Jack would make more designs. I’d be glad to help them make them. This shirt is exactly what they say it is! Fish blood, tobacco stains, it all comes out of a white shirt, every time.
Steve (FL), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
These shirts are great. My spouse and I both love them, great weight and vivid design. We wear a lot of sun shirts running a fishing charter business, and these are our new favorites. They went through the wash well also…no issues. I did need to contact seller with a question on the product and they replied quickly. Great customer service. Thank you, We will definitely order from them again.
Kimberly (CT), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
I have tried three similar shirts Under Armor Columbia and Nike For the money Rattlin Jack was my choice and terrific response time was leaving on a long sailing trip and never expected they would arrive before I left but they did!
William (CT), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Y,all are Awesome!!!!
Derenda (MS), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon
Amazing design… So real life and I get so many people that walk up to me and ask where did you get that awesome shirt!!! I just love it and I am ordering the other designs.  
Greg (FL), Rattlin Jack Customer on Amazon