I am a guy, I don’t own a flexible measuring tape!

And you don’t need one! Follow these instructions if you don’t know your chest size:

1. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, take your favorite fitting shirt and lay it on the table.

2. Using a ruler or carpenter’s measuring tape, measure one inch below the armpits across the chest. Then double the measurement for the chest size of the shirt that you would like to wear.

Both retail Rattlin Jack ® and Custom UPF Fishing Shirt™ size charts shows the measurement of the shirt when flat on the table, then multiplied by two. Look for the measure that matches the measure you took from your shirt.

3. Follow the size chart for the other measurements like sleeve length, length of shirt, shoulder measurement. Chest, hips and waist measurements in Men’s performance shirts are the same measure.

4. Compare to our size chart and pick the size that matches most of the measurements, including length. Some real tall guys need the length especially for sun protection while bending over in the boat.

If you have the actual measure of the shirt, you now know how to order apparel online and get the right size!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Candace Lourdes

Email me.

order apparel online and get the right size Rattlin Jack Size Chartorder apparel online and get the right size Rattlin Jack Size Chart
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