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Redesign LOGO

Cleaning up the edges and making your logo pop with expert designing skills is only a small part of the benefits you will receive when using our services.

Our Process of dye sublimation makes it so that your new redesigned logo is captured in vivid detail on any shirt, mask, and mug you purchase from us. Plus — dye sublimation is a long lasting print method that ensures that your design will not crack, fade, or bleed over time.

Your new logo will remain crisp and clear for the life of the garment.

With Dye Sublimation, you not only get unlimited breath-ability all over, even where the shirt is decorated, you get unlimited ink colors.

When other businesses silkscreen they print one color at a time, unless a special transfer is ordered. Even after all that planning, your design will not have the detail and cool effects like the metallic effect example we have displayed.

See the difference between the plain silkscreen example and the dye sublimation redesigned logo in the Assumption High School Mustang Bass Club logo displayed here.

There is a huge difference!

Custom-UPF-half-back-example-Assumption Redesign logoCustom-UPF-full-back-example-02-AssumptionCustom-UPF-full-back-example-01-Assumption redesign logoCustom-UPF-hoodie-neck-gaiter-example-Asuumption redesign logo

Every logo should come with your group’s name and slogan.

And we can even apply the same affects use for your logo on those as well.

Make your group stand out with a great set of images and type treatments!

Logo Design Costs:

We require 100 shirt order for a logo design or re-design. Design is free unless you need a digital file of the new logo for use in other production firms.

You can request a flat fee for a logo with no surprises, separate to your shirt order. Then your shirt order minimum goes back to the price list minimums. The fee is paid extra to the shirt order and you get the files for unlimited use. Our quotes will take into consideration the different uses you will require for your logo (some applications require additional work).

You will be required to warrant that you own or have purchased license to reproduce and use any elements you send to us, and that it does not infringe on any other trademark or intellectual property.

How to begin:

1. Sign up

2. You will receive an automated email from the designer.

3. Attach your logo file or sketches and any reference files you would like us to see and reply to that auto email.  A vector is best, but send whatever you have. See Frequently Asked Questions for art specs.

4. We will contact you!

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